Have you ever wanted to smell like jockstraps, arrogance and laughable excess? Then maybe you've already bought the Yankees fragrances. But now the Yankees are hoping for some street cred—and have teamed up with some street artists!

According to their fragrance website, here's the deal:

The New York Yankees™ iconic logo is one of the most recognizable in the world. Street art in New York City has become a celebrated and ever-changing form, and artists have been inspired by the iconic interlocking NY symbol throughout the years. To celebrate the start of the 2013 MLB Season, The Cloudbreak Group has chosen to create a unique New York Yankees™ Fragrance Limited Edition Graffiti EDT. This collectable is the product of a unique partnership with one of the most iconic street artists in NYC, Mint & Serf.


(Mikhail Sokovikov and Jason Aaron Wall) have been active for years—they said in a press release, "People who know us can tell you that we are both diehard New Yorkers. From Astoria, Queens to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn to East Tremont Ave in the Bronx to Victoria Blvd in Staten Island, graffiti opened us up to almost every neighborhood in New York City. We live and breathe New York City. When it comes to the symbol of New York, there is nothing more iconic and recognizable than the New York Yankees; to think that graffiti we created on the streets of New York will be immortalized alongside the New York Yankees logo is an honor."

When we asked Gothamist's resident street art connoisseur Jake Dobkin if Mint&Serf were iconic, he said, "Sometimes iconic—I like that they're fusing hardcore New York graffiti with street art mediums like poster and sculpture."