The big expose in the Post today is not some Page Six gossip bit but rather that the creator of Yankee Hater gear is from New Jersey. Curt Schilling made waves when he wore a Yankee Hater hat (red hat with Yankees' insignia) at a hockey game, which was the fruit of Mike Moorby's idea to send some hats to the Red Sox. Moorby told the Boston Herald, "I just thought there were a lot of people who really despise the Yankees. It was just an idea, and I ran with it." While this continues to fan fire in the debate about whether good things come from New Jersey, Gothamist has a feeling that the "A-Rod is an A-Hole" shirt will be a hit even with Yankee fans if he continues his subpar (for a $250 million) performance. And $1 of every Yankee Hater purchase goes to The Jimmy Fund.

Tonight, Yankees vs. Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. Two people who would probably enjoyed some Yankee Hater couture: Lockhart Steele and Eliot Shepard.