2005_04_seinfeld.jpgJerry Seinfeld and his wife are being sued by a real estate broker who claims she's owed over $100,000 in commission for helping them purchase a brownstone. Celebrity Justice got a statement from the Seinfelds' publicists:

Tamara Cohen did not fulfill the basic broker duties required by law. However, the Seinfelds offered her a very generous fee for her time, but not for the sale, because she was not entitled to it. She declined the offer and now she's just trying to take advantage.

Celebrity Justice says they will have more details in their Friday broadcast, and there are lots of loose ends: Which brownstone is this? Where? Gothamist doesn't think the Seins will leave their Beresford apartment, but maybe Jerry wants another building for his cars.

Go on a virtual tour of Jerry's TV apartment. And while Jerry's apartment was great, Elaine was always looking for a better one (either from a widower or upstairs from Jerry).