Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, in x2; Photo - Fox

X2...blah blah...X-Men United...blah blah...X2...need to see it...better than the first, but the first is different...blah blah... Critics pretty much love the sequel to X2, from A.O. Scott rhapsodizing about Anna Paquin's kissability, Kenneth Turan giving Brian Cox props and Stephanie Zacharek's admission that X2 is good though less lyrical than the first. Gothamist is debating whether to see X2 this weekend, as it will be hella crowded, even at the stadium seating multiplexes.

The most amusing line from a review is from Dave Kehr's "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" piece in the Times, though: "[T]he cable series is a psychologically sophisticated if not always realistically resolved exploration of adolescent angst that often manages to be funny in a way that Woody Allen might be if he were a teenage girl." Gothamist would guess that The Lizze McGuire Show is better than Saved by the Bell, which is more like a Tomcats or Road Trip movie, with a little more character motivation, but not better than DeGrassi Junior High, which managed to be funny and depressing in a non-precious Alan Ball way.