wyclef_preacher.jpgIt seems the Wyclef Jean invasion (for his new album, The Preacher's Son) is just in preliminary stages. Last week, he was the only redeeming thing in an Observer article about various society dinners last Monday; nothing better than him wearing a "green Celtics jacket and blue jeans" and plugging Jacob the Jeweler while everyone else is fancy and stiff. Then today, he's mentioned in New York magazine's feature about New York musicians, discussing motorcycling down the West Side Highway in the middle of the night and again pimping Jacob the Jeweler. And this past weekend, Gawker editor Choire Sicha donned another hat and went to The New Yorker Festival for The Morning News, including the Jeffrey Eugenides-Wyclef Jean pairing: [Wyclef Jean] announces that he is drinking cranberry juice and Grand Marnier. It’s like he’s trying to simultaneously cure and inflict a urinary tract infection.

More New Yorker Festival hilarity from Choire for The Morning News (thanks for the visual of David Remnick wearing his "off-label jeans too high"). A recipe from Grand Marnier utilizing cranberry juice and Grand Marnier.