Good news! The Post is reporting that the WTC fundraising board has decided to mod out the fountains to run all year round, and contrary to earlier reports, the fix is fairly cheap:

The foundation believes it's important that visitors be able to experience the waterfalls at any time of year," said spokeswoman Lynn Rasic.

A decision to include heaters to keep the water flowing was made during the foundation's board meeting Tuesday, she said.

Designing the fountains to work in winter will add about $300,000 to the cost of the project. The total cost for the memorial and its museum is about $500 million.

Seems like the right move to us-- the solution involves heating the water in the winter to avoid it freezing and gumming up the works. Also, some people were nervous that the falls would generate a freezing spray in the memorial during the winter, and ice could form, making people slip. No word yet on whether the floors are going to be heated to avoid those problems-- or given an anti-slip treatment.

Related: the Times is reporting on a controversy about where the unidentified remains of WTC victims will be placed. Apparently the new plan is to put them in a climate controlled freezer about 35' away from the monolith in the North footprint, which will contain a symbolic monolith. Some families are saying the remains should be in the monolith itself, as was originally planned.