The Lower Manhattan Development Corporation has put all 5,201 entries for the WTC Memorial online at www.wtcsitememorial.org. We liked the concept for greg.org's entry - following the paths of people on September 11, which was an event for the victims as well as the survivors. greg.org also pointed out designs by architect Antoine Predock (above), artist Ross Bleckner and Tribute in Light collaborators John Bennett and Paul Myoda. The Times David Dunlap wonders why no one from Alaska submitted anything and notes a design by artificial heart inventor, Dr. Robert Jarvik, which Gothamist found icky.


greg.org also noted a design by a Mark Wahlberg. Hatebot thinks it's the Marky Mark the rapper/actor (and Hatebot hates the design - "I wonder, was Marky under the impression that this was to be a theme park, or memorial to the honored dead? File this one under Freaky/Funny, subsection, Sad."), and it might be, as it's a Mark Wahlberg in Pasedena. Or it could be the Mark L. Wahlberg, host from Temptation Island. Either way, the design is sort of sweet, because actually entering shows that one has a genuine interest in the project, but it's sweet in a horribly misguided way.

There is also contiuning debate about the best way to show victims' names - with or without signifying their occupation as emergency worker, etc.