2003_11_lowermanh.jpgThe jury for the WTC Site Memorial wants all 5,201 entries to be displayed before the 8 finalists are announced. The Times' David Dunlap notes the logistical challenge:

Hung side by side, with no space between them, the 30-inch-wide competition panels would stretch nearly two and a half miles, roughly the distance from the trade center site to Union Square. Were the 40-inch-high panels set top to bottom (admittedly, not a conventional exhibition arrangement), they would rise to the height of nearly 14 Empire State Buildings.

To put a 5,201-object show in context, "El Greco" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has 71 works and "Matisse Picasso" at the Museum of Modern Art in Queens earlier this year numbered about 200.

The Times' Clyde Haberman also looks at 10048 - the WTC's own zip code which has not been used since September 2001 but remains active.

For provcative ideas about the WTC memorial and actually entering the competition, check out greg.org.