Reflecting Absence; Photo: LMDC/Getty

The design, Reflecting Absence, by Michael Arad and new collaborator, Peter Walker, was selected to be the WTC Memorial. This design incorporate two submerged pools in the space where the towers once stood. Arad, an architect with the City Housing Authority, worked with Walker, a landscape architect who formerly headed the Harvard Landscape Architect Department; the Times has more about both designers. Mayor Bloomberg is especially proud that Arad is a city employee.

The Daily News has some highlights of the design at the end of their article. The Post's Steve Cuozzo hates the design. Newsday thinks it's generic and oppressive. Gothamist thinks this is the design that the Times' Herbert Muschamp liked the best, but because of the Times' annoying pay for old articles system, we're not sure.

And Not such a fan of the design.