WTC site; Photo - LMDCThe power struggle in the rebuilding of the World Trade Cetner site between art and vision (architect Daniel Libeskind) versus practicality and finances (developer and money man Larry A. Silverstein) has entered a new era: The Times' Edward Wyatt says that while Libeskind's design is still the vision, Silverstein is the only one with the money and ability to actually meet Pataki's summer 2004 deadline for starting the rebuilding process. The problem is that Silverstein's vision for the site is very different from Libeskind's; Silverstein wants something more compact and commercial - and without the 1776 foot spire - and has been working with another architect for alternative ideas.

At first, Gothamist thought the public interest groups like LMDC wouldn't let Silverstein, but the governor's spokesperson tells Wyatt "this process leaves `no room for error or delay, for parochial concerns or unnecessary legal battles" - which Gothamist interprets to mean Libeskind may be asked to either put up and shut up or leave. We hope the the Port Authority's interest in buying more land will give Libeskind's plan a chance to survive.