Coolfer takes the Village Voice to task for the column space in this week's issue devoted to Courtney Love - all of page 81 - and her new album, America's Sweetheart. Two reviews, "How Too Late It Is" and A big juicy fuckup for hissyfit-having little girls who hate being little girls," and one article "Gutting Sunset Strip Valentines by Making the Shredded Ones Useless" leave Coolfer saying, "This is called being a slave to pop culture critique. Any other paper would have given an entire page to a worthy musician and given the washed up one two paragraphs." Yes, not to mention that Courtney "Train to Wrecksville" Love is too easy a target these days. Thought we can't help but be mesmerized by her nutty court appearances.

Gothamist also liked Coolfer's note about the Black Eyed Peas moving to London: "Seems they've experienced more success in the UK, and they figure any country that idolizes Robbie Williams has room in its heart for them, too."