Columnist Liz Smith published a post that essentially eulogized writer-director Nora Ephron—"I won’t say, 'Rest in peace, Nora' - I will just ask 'What the hell will we do without you?' Maybe. I hope. Nora will answer. Nora, we ARE all basket cases. There was no one like you."—while online columnist Margo Howard has Tweeted, "A very accomplished writer died. Nora Ephon, from cancer."

Ephron, a journalist who then found herself in the entertainment business, wrote When Harry Met Sally and wrote and directed Sleepless in Seattle and, more recently, Julie & Julia. Howard, who wrote about her "divorce" from Ephron in 2010, then Tweeted, "Well, to those of you who can't find the news of Nora Ephron's death, the funeral is Thursday - and maybe that's the way she wanted it."

However, TMZ reports that her family is telling friends that she is "gravely ill... The nature of her illness is unclear ... however there are reports she is suffering from cancer and is not expected to make it through the night. There is speculation that Nora has already passed away -- we're told that's not true ... but there is little hope she will recover from her current condition."