New York magazine's year-end double issue, It Happened This Year, is out. Gothamist thinks the title can only be a tribute to the great Sassy column, It Happened to Me (which can now be seen in Jane). Anyway, the whole issue is chockful of moments in our 2004-ness, but here are a few of the stories caught our interest (and Gothamist's stories on the topic):
- The phenomenon of manholia - fear of manholes (Gothamist on tattoo by manhole)
- Kurt Andersen on the High Line (our High Line posts)
- Bruce Ratner as Brooklyn's new bogeyman (Gothamist on the Brooklyn Nets)
- The au revoir to famous French restaurants (the closing of Lutece)
- New York City as mall
- And how the meatpacking district sucks (dreams the cobblestone will be covered in the blood of the comers)

Gawker summarizes the salient points of New York magazine's as well as the NY Times Magazine's end-of-the-year pieces (hint, the NYTM's focus, The Year in Ideas, is less NY-Y).