There is a classic Twilight Zone episode called "The Eye of the Beholder," or in some airings "The Private World Of Darkness," which tackles and distorts the idea of "normal" appearances.

This apartment listing was sent in to us by a tipster who sarcastically referred to it as a "gem." Maybe this tipster lives in one of those fancy 2-room apartments we aspire to and simply can't see the potential here. Maybe he's just into #basic beauty in brand new buildings filled with amenities that are not absolutely necessary to sustain human life. Maybe one man's garbage is another man's reasonably priced living space. Anyway, in the Twilight Zone episode, this tipster is kind of the villain.


Here is the secret to NYC: once you begin to embrace the fact that nothing is ugly, then this whole city opens right up to you. See the smallest, shower-IN-the-kitchenist apartments as beautiful, and the stress of finding a place you can afford will disappear. Why NOT live in this $1499/month apartment in Williamsburg? Other suckers are paying triple that to live in this neighborhood!

And just check out everything this place has to offer: a room (how many do you really need?), an exposed brick wall, distressed/rusted metal beams, a goddamn roof over your head what more do you want, a bathroom with shower, one drawer, a sink, a mini fridge, and location location location (literally right next to the subway tracks... maybe even under them? Maybe this IS a subway car?).


As Twilight Zone narrator Rod Serling said at the end of the episode, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in this year or a hundred years hence. On this planet or wherever there is human life... beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Lesson to be learned."