Does J-Woww have something better to do than flash her fake breasts for Playboy for $40,000? Apparently! According to the Daily News, the Jersey Shore reality starlet has turned down the mag's offer, despite having excitedly Twittered about the opportunity.

During an interview this week she broke the news to Ryan Seacrest, saying, "I am not going to do Playboy in the near future, no, there is a better opportunity out there which everybody will probably see soon." Well, her fashion line just shuttered, so could she be talking about a spin-off with Snooki? Apparently there's a no-Playboy clause in her contract with MTV, and she says "we are moving in together, though. That is a guarantee. Just to move in. She [Snooki] wants to get out of her house. I no longer like my house, so what better thing to do than move in together?"

Speaking of Snooks, whatever happened to her nude photos?