While we were all distracted by Barack Obama's press conference today, Donald Trump went on a Twitter rampage about Lefty [Editor's note: No he didn't... but give it time.], the Harlem deer who captivated us and then died rather than spend one more second being used a political pawn in the de Blasio/Cuomo feud. Oddly enough, sources say Trump deleted this series of tweets blasting the mayor for his handling of the deer situation, but fortunately for you, we got screenshots of these 100% authentic Real Donald Trump tweets about the Harlem deer which we certainly did not just make up, how dare you:







[Editor's note: The Internet's filthy geyser of fake news sadly requires us to reiterate that the tweets above are satirical, not real, and made with the addictively fun "Fake Trump Tweets" generator. Trump would never really tweet such inane garbage; after all, he's going to be President soon.]