While IKEA may be just fine for your budget decor and Swedish meatball cravings, would you ever actually want to live in a home from the company? They've recently unveiled their new line of prefab homes (called Aktiv), that will sell for just under $80,000 for a one-bedroom.

Ideabox was appointed by IKEA to design the homes, which include a kitchen, living space, bedroom, bathroom, and patio, as well as storage closets. And for once, IKEA is making assembly a bit easier, "when your Aktiv arrives, all of the cabinets, countertops, and flooring are installed." Buyers also get water efficient pipes, energy efficient appliances, and LED light-fixtures.

The downside? You'll feel like you're living in an IKEA showroom. Still, if you find a cheap vacant lot in NYC, this could be a pretty sweet and inexpensive way to inhabit it (prefabs have popped up in Brooklyn and at MoMA before). Check out some more photos here.