Tonight Animal and Mother bring the mysterious B.N.E.'s work off the streets and into a gallery in Manhattan. In anticipation of the event, the NY Times tried to dig a little deeper into the still-anonymous street artist's life. Have you seen his pieces around town? They are simply the letters B N E, and he told the paper that while they have personal meaning, "at this point, it means whatever you need it to mean.”

The monogram is well known by Queens council member Peter Vallone Jr., who has been vocal about his feelings on graffiti in the past. He told the paper, “This isn’t even someone who’s decided to go legitimate. This is an unrepentant criminal who has cost honest taxpayers a lot of money, and he’s profited from it.”

Check out his show, or shake B.N.E. down for your tax dollars, tonight at 595 11th Avenue (you must RSVP). UPDATE: We're told that the RSVP is now closed.