Kids these days! A 14-year-old from Brooklyn, Henry Ermer, has built what may be the largest bobblehead in the world, right outside of his home in East Windsor Terrace. The Daily News has a photo of the feat—a 16-foot-tall male statue, created of papier-maché, springs, chicken wire, and PVC piping. The teen explains his motivation, saying, "Last summer, I hadn't done anything except hang out and watch TV and I thought I should probably do something."

He went on to say the bobblehead record (the last record-breaking Bobblehead stood at 11-feet) was his favorite in the Guinness Book, so thought he'd try to top it... instead of, say, doing something more useful for society. Anyway! His mom seems proud, saying, "He's worked really hard on this bobblehead, and it is completely his project. I'm glad it's finally finished."

The figure stands outside of the family's brownstone, along with a sign that reads: "Don't take this. It's not trash." Shockingly it hasn't been vandalized yet—which means it may be breaking another record.