There's no 9/11 Cheese Plate at the One World Observatory's gift shop—but there are plenty of shot glasses, postcards and t-shirts—plus a 1 World Trade Center throw blanket for $79.95 and a One World Observatory polo shirt handmade by South Korean polo shirt artisans for... $174.95.

The NY Times mentioned the $200 glass souvenir of 1 World Trade Center, which is the most expensive item in the shop. But I can almost understand paying that for a tchotchke you put in a curio cabinet (because that's what my grandparents did). When I saw the price on this admittedly nice quality polo shirt, I thought it was a typo. As Cyn would say, "It's not even leathuh!"

A gift store employee assured me it was the correct price—and that the quarter-zip pullover was also correctly labeled at $199.95. Yes, a pullover. The manufacturer, Peter Millar, offers fancy golf/weekend Dadbod gear, but the polos retail in $78-98 range and the quarter zip is around $125. Of course, those don't have a "One World Observatory" logo. In case you were wondering, the gift shop isn't directing any proceeds to charity.

Other items include the aforementioned throw blanket, a drawstring backpack for $19.99 (I've been researching drawstring backpacks and simple 1-color ones can be made for 97 cents, so have fun figuring out the margins on that), shot glasses, 1 World Trade Center bottle openers and teddy bears in One World Observatory t-shirts. The t-shirts, with appropriately trendy graphics, range in price from $24.95 for kid's shirts to $39.95 for adult t-shirts.

The cheapest item might be the 95 cent pencil—which comes on top of your $32 admission ticket.