We're told that Luna Park, the new Coney Island amusement park on the former Astroland site that's now owned by the city, will be opening this weekend as planned. Workers have been laboring around the clock to finish the park, which features 19 new rides, including a spinning roller coaster called The Tickler, a "Wild River" ride inspired by the original Luna Park ride Shoot the Chutes, a ride called Surf's Up which buffets riders with simulated winds, and Air Race, which will have riders "doing corkscrews in jets." Here are some photos taken on Tuesday, and it looks like they're really cutting it close on this one.

Meanwhile, developer Joe Sitt, who sold the property to the city but still owns a huge chunk of Coney Island, gave an exclusive interview to NY1 the other day. He talked about his plans to tear down many of the old buildings on Surf Avenue and build two big hotels and an indoor water park. Coney Island preservationists have been trying to save some of the buildings Sitt wants to demolish—such as the gorgeous 1923 bank building. But Sitt says, "Every one of these buildings is just horrible, rundown relics with nothing exciting about them. I hate to say it, but the great buildings of Coney Island disappeared 80 years ago."