With straphangers desperately seeking another Patrick Moberg and Camille Hayton story to warm their commuting hearts (don't deny it), the boys at Zoomdoggle are stepping in to force their own missed connections. Their solution to finding love in the big city boils down to a Wookie suit, pensive stares and an occasional smile.

Sadly, the efforts of the Wookie, ex-MTV Road Ruler/writer/photographer Jake Bronstein, led nowhere -- as not one person he encountered in the suit was intrigued enough to leave a Craigslist note. New York can be heartless at times, but here are some other things he learned that day:

  • The world seems to be divided into two camps: Those that want to talk, and those that would rather not.
  • Personal hygiene is of the utmost concern to more New Yorkers. I heard “conditioner” and “split ends” jokes at a rate of around one every ten minutes.
  • The police in Williamsburg (who can currently be found on every corner for reasons unknown) are surprisingly good-sports about being crept-up on by Chewy. Shock and awe quickly gives way to laughter. Weapons are never drawn.

They never seem to unleash a barrage of bullets when it's actually warranted, do they? But come on ladies, give the big Wookie a chance; you wouldn't want him to face his family on Life Day without a date.