Sure, there's American Idol on tonight, but there's the Westminster Kennel Club's 131st annual Best in Show tonight! Today was the second day of judging, and there was at least one upset: Last year's Herding Group winner, Smokin', "got dumped in the breed." Aww, poor Smokin'! Newsday's Denise Flaim says that springer spaniel James, if he wins Best in Group, may be Dandie Dinmont Harry's competition during Best in Show.

The results for the Best in Group for the Sporting, Hound and Herding groups will be announced later, and those three dogs will join the Best in Group winners in the Working (an Akita), Terrier (Dandie Dinmont Harry), Toy (a toy poodle) and Non-Sporting (a standard poodle) groups for Best in Show. You can see it on USA, starting at 8PM tonight.

Last year's Best in Show winner was a bull terrier named Rufus. He has now retired.

Photograph of bearded collie best in breed "Bailey" (officially Ch Brigadoon It's All About You) being carried by handler Brian Kirk by Kathy Williens/AP