Movie City News directed Gothamist to what they called the "worst Woody Allen poster ever" - the new one-sheet for the upcoming Anything Else. We thought it was just hyperbole, but Mein Gott, it is awful. It looks like something that should be directed by some third tier director, like Robert Iscove (well, he's first in crap: She's All That, Boys and Girls , From Justin to Kelly), not Woody Allen. Poster also has shades of Career Opportunities, maybe. From Manhattan to this? And we're just talking poster wise, forget content (for the moment). We know that audiences have changed over the years, but this is depressing.

And then there's the trailer. From what we can tell, Christina Ricci and Jason Biggs are dating, Christina is crazy and won't sleep with Jason - though she'll sleep with others, and that makes Jason crazy. Ai. Isn't this like a platonic version of Loser meets, oh, Dawson's Creek? See it for yourself here at the official site. The movie's description is about "an artist (Allen) who mentors his assistant (Biggs) in winning the heart of his girlfriend (Ricci)," but as reader Matt H. points out that since the trailer seems to use footage from the same five scenes over and over again, it feels like "there's an entire other film (starring Wood-man and Danny De Vito) that we're not seeing."