In an interview yesterday, the now 74-year-old Woody Allen was asked about his comment about shooting movies in New York becoming too expensive (again). He told the NY Times, "My first choice would always be New York. It would be my fondest wish—to work where you live is of course the most luxurious privilege, and I’m sure I will film here again. But the few dollars I have go further in certain places.... London, Paris, Barcelona—these are very cosmopolitan, and they’re like New York."

He also said, "To me it’s a privilege to shoot in New York, and I don’t mind it being extra. I just have to have it, to be able to afford it. I would always make the picture in New York for $15 million that I could make elsewhere for $12 million, if I had $15 million. But if I don’t have the money, then I can’t do it." Guess that means no Manhattan 2!