A Crown Heights woodworker has been renting out part of his warehouse as a trailer park for tourists to be able to experience the authentic Brooklyn trailer park life. The Post profiles artist Kellam Clark, who has been advertising the Dean Street campers on Airbnb since May. "After a few months, it became clear this is an experience people really enjoy," Clark told them. "They enjoy being close to and being a part of what New York is in their mind."

There are three campers (1954 Shasta trailer with a twin bed, a 1968 four-bed Shasta, and a four-person Avion trailer) and three rooms in the actual warehouse to rent. The trailers have a refrigerator and stove, but neither work. There’s one bathroom for all guests inside the warehouse. There's a peephole behind a mirror in the bathroom. We're sure there are some New Yorkers who would gladly pay top dollar for this experience as well.

It's also technically illegal—a judge ruled in May that Airbnb users are violating a state law prohibiting landlords from renting out apartments for fewer than 30 days. Which means if anyone asks, you have to say you are working on a project while there. It also means that watching normal TV programming isn't allowed (because "advertisements are like acid on the brain") and Clark and his fellow artists “reserve the right to be nude when it is not inappropriate."

The reviews have been mixed to say the least: one reviewer called it "the real Brooklyn experience," adding, "Even if the area and the first glance may give you a wrong impression, it is a great place to stay.” A Berlin tourist called it the worst night of her life. “We flew in terror after the first night. In the handout we received at the beginning we were asked not to open the door for the police — no matter what they say and how they would try to get in.”