Forty years ago this weekend, a now legendary 3-day festival took place on Max Yasgur's 600 acre farm in Bethel, New York (just about 100 miles outside of New York City). Initially around 50,000 were expected to attend Woodstock, however it ended up being more like half a million. This page has some interesting statistics; for example, only 186,000 tickets were sold; 320,000 people left before Hendrix went on; it was just 15 bucks for an ounce of pot, and nearly 90% of those in attendance were smoking it.

Recently we learned that the Woodstock couple, whose photo together became an iconic image of the time, has lasted all these years together; and even more recently the Today Show paid them a visit (video after the jump).

Meanwhile, the squares over at the Wall Street Journal question the quality of the music performed—calling the fest a "bust" when it came down to the band's sets. Guess that's what happens when musician's drinks get dosed with LSD. While others (ahem, Carlos Santana) take a hit of mescaline before going on stage—though WFUV's Pete Fornatale tells us that Santana was amongst his favorite performers that weekend (watch here)!

P.S.: Click at your own risk, some of those photos are NSFW (just like the brown acid).