2006_12_sacchien.jpgToday, the NY Times Thursday Styles section looks at two popular accessories: The tiny, teacup dog and the huge, monstrous hobo totes. Many women love little dogs, especially since their little dogs can be dressed in little designer outfits. And many women love their big purses because they can carry everything, even if they are suffering back and shoulder pain as a result. We are surprised that the area of intersection for these two topics - teeny dogs in big bags - was not exploited. What kind of back pain do women who carry their dogs around have? Are they putting their dogs in hobo bags? And do women with big bags and teeny dogs consider getting their dogs hobo bags for canines?

Our favorite quotes from the articles:
Dogs- “Paige [a chihuahua] sits on the bar stool and everything,” [Dina] Lewis said. “It’s like having a very good-looking, very drunk friend with you all the time.”
Bags- Sasha Charnin Morrison, 42, the fashion director at US Weekly, admitted that her bags are so large that she often gets stuck in revolving doors. “They may not be practical, but so what?” she said. “When it comes to fashion, being practical is a huge bore.”

But we learned a lot too. From the dog article, it turns out more real estate brokers are bringing their little dogs to showings, which makes us wonder if we'd be annoyed or just coo at the dog and forget about the apartment. And apparently homeowner's insurance will cover your stolen purse, if a lot of property was stolen!

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