Remember the last time you got on the subway, took a look at what was going on around you and thought "I am so glad I am seeing this, it's not awful or traumatizing at all!" No? Well, neither can this lady.

No sight is a good sight on public transit, though most of us respond to the daily indignities (escaped scrotums) therein by pretending to focus really hard on the screens of our offline phones. "Oh no, that's not even happening," our faces say as the Showtime sneakers brush past our temples. "Oh, you're peeing? I didn't even notice!"

Congrats to this brave woman for going full "If I can't see it, it's not there" in such a public arena, and for having enough faith in her fellow straphangers not to do lewd things near her face while she's burrowed safe in the therapeutic darkness of her eye mask. May this work out just perfectly for everyone.

(h/t Reddit)