Just after Go Topless Day was celebrated last summer, model Zoe West was busted for public nudity in Times Square. At the time she was being painted by body painter Andy Golub, and towards the end the 21-year-old went fully nude for the final touches. That's when, in front of spectators at 44th and Broadway, the NYPD arrested her, and brought her into the precinct fully nude. They later dropped all charges.

We know that women going topless in New York City is legal, but as far as the full monty goes, New York State Law states that public nudity is prohibited, "except if it's part of a play, performance, exhibition or show," which clearly this was. And now West is walking away from the incident with $15,000 from her false-arrest lawsuit.

According to the NY Post, she "plans to settle her false-arrest lawsuit today after getting a signed offer last week." The suit stated that NYPD Sgt. Anthony Fusaro was “visibly unnerved” when he approached West last summer, and told her he had to bring her in. Once at the Midtown South precinct, "several cops 'gawked at her' for 15 minutes before she was allowed to dress."

West's lawyer Ron Kuby did not have a rimshot available when he declared: “The beauty of New York City is a naked girl can win a nice suit." He added, “Given the police idiocy, one wonders where the boobs really are." He'll be here all week, ladies and germs, try the steak.

Here's some video from the scene last summer: