Kanye West enthusiast Kanye West attempted to make up his cancelled appearance at Governors Ball this past weekend by throwing a surprise show at Webster Hall at 2 a.m. on Monday morning. Unfortunately for him, for fans and for the local business owners and city workers who have to clean up the streets after a near-riot, things didn't exactly go as planned. Unless you were one of the dudes who got to shake hands with West in the middle of the street.

And the one (and only) person who was arrested, among the thousands of people wedged their way through the East Village that night, certainly wishes she could get the last 16 hours of her life back: "All for fucking Kanye West. I don't even, like, love him!," restaurant manager Lauren Epstein told the News. "It wasn't worth 16 hours in jail. Maybe Beyoncé would be, but not this."

Epstein, who had been out for drinks with former colleagues near Webster Hall when everything was going down, had ventured outside for the chance to see West when she was arrested. She says she hadn't heard the cops' order to disperse when she crossed the street to get back to the bar she had been at, and was arrested for disorderly conduct. (The News adds that she had an outstanding summons for an open container, which is likely the reason why she was held overnight on the charge.)

Epstein isn't the only civilian whose life was inconvenienced by the event—several East Village car owners awoke Monday morning to find major damage to their vehicles. "I feel sick right now," Michael Gomez, whose Chrysler Pacifica suffered a cracked windshield and dented roof, told the News.

Photographer Shirley Green showed the Daily Mail all the damage to her silver Mazda CX-7: "He's an annoying little prick," she told them, adding that she thinks West should pay the damages. "This is normally a good street. The only reason it was like this at 2am is because of Kanye. Now I can't go to my place in upstate New York because of what happened to my car. I have never smashed my windscreen before."

Shortly after the aborted attempt at putting on the show, Kim Kardashian tweeted that West would make up the show at some point, although it seems they are already back in LA now.

Nevertheless, Mayor de Blasio is open to helping Kanye keep his promise in a more orderly manner. Kardashian uploaded a video of West attempting to reach the mayor's office Sunday night to try to convince him to shut down multiple blocks around the venue "so [fans] can have a party outside.

Although the mayor's office confirmed to us that his call never actually got through to them, de Blasio made his own attempt to reach out to West Monday: