2007_01_bloggsumm2.jpgWednesday night, WNBC invited a bunch of bloggers to its first NYC Blogger Summit. Why? As Anil Dash put it, to "engage bloggers and encourage them to provide information and resources to the station's news-gathering efforts, in exchange for credit and exposure."

While hearing all of this was exciting and surreal and left some natural questions (see Modern Fabulousity), it was also nice to hear the word "credit" (see Gowanus Lounge) - lots of print publications are already using blogs as resources anyway. If anything, it was a formal declaration that "Hey, we read your stuff, it makes us want to be sharper, we want your perspectives" and reaffirmed that it doesn't matter what you blog about, as long as you're passionate and interested. It also reminded us of how much our own readers help us shape Gothamist, by giving us tips, ideas, photographs, feedback and more. So thank you!

Check out a list of all the other sites that were represented...or at least RSVP'd. We're just curious to see how everything evolves and glad that we got to visit the WNBC 4 news set - we totally looked for a dodgy chair! (Varsity Basketweaving had some other 30 Rock plans.)

2007_01_ssgh.jpgWe didn't get to chat with everyone there - not even former Parks Commissioner Henry Stern, who has the blog StarQuest - but that just reminds us - please join us for our fourth birthday with happy hour in the next week or so.

And last night, about half the bloggers said they don't watch the local news. That's understandable this day and age, but if there's one day of the year to watch WNBC, it's today: It's Groundhog Day, which means that Sue Simmons will be doing her annual impression of a groundhog.

Photograph from Triborough on Flickr; Triborough also has a very nice set of photographs from the summit