Rapper and noted smoking-jacket wearer Wiz Khalifa appeared on ABC last night to perform his supermarket/gym Pandora station anthem "See You Again" with Charlie Puth in Times Square as part of the network's Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, now with more Ryan Seacrest. In the final three minutes of 2015, when bars across the Eastern time zone actually turned the channel to ABC, Wiz delivered a master's course in not giving a fuck.

There are a handful of things to note here. First, while the rest of the guests on Ryan Seacrest's important people platform dutifully hold microphones, our protagonist grips a bottle of what looks like rosé in one hand, and his phone in the other. As the camera pans over, Puth feels compelled to explain his buddy's behavior, saying, "He's Snapchatting, uh..."

Seacrest, too, tries to smooth things out by making a joke out of his guest's liquid accessory, but where he zigs, the rolling-paper-company-sponsored musician zags. In one sentence, Khaifa manages to make light of his thirst for Demi Lovato, put her on the spot—because what's the point of making it this far if Demi won't take a picture with you?—and casually curse/stoke outrage in the hearts of American families. Actually, the reaction online was fairly muted, and the awkwardness of the moment (for everyone but Wiz Khalifa) receded quickly into the dull roar of the ball drop.

But first, everyone tries to talk at once, the camera cuts to Jenny McCarthy in the crowd, and she ventures, "Things are just as crazy down here!"

The minute or so that followed was a sort of modern slapstick routine as the camera operator tried to delicately crop Wiz's newly toxic figure out of the frame, only to have him appear every so often fiddling with his phone, almost totally unconcerned by the television event he was in the middle of.

The response, such as it was, was largely supportive.

Wiz Khalifa, you've come a long way from where you began. Also, from New Year's 2009, more than a year before you found national fame with the single "Black and Yellow," and eons before you immortalized the phrase "Hol' up hol' up hol' up—we dem boyz."

And yet, the attitude is timeless. Hope to see you on ABC again!