Would you buy this car? One of my favorite commercials is an ad for a Kia Spectra, where the female driver goes through many different boyfriends and phases (hippie boyfriend, hippie clothing; yuppie boyfriend, yuppie clothing), her dog is a puppy in the first scenes, older later on, to further show the passage of time. All the dudes are duds, but the Kia (and the dog) keeps it going on. It's silly and makes it seem like women will subvert their personalities for guys (as far as I know, this does happen, if far being from ideal), but the irony of the Tom Tom Club's "Genius of Love" lyrics "I'm in heaven...with my boyfriend" run underneath these moments of the woman realizing these guys are losers nicely undercuts "The Rules"-like nature of it. It's catchy and basically a chick movie in a commercial. Produced by the independent agency, David and Goliath, click here to view by agreeing, choosing Kia, and selecting the "Boyfriend" commercial. Dennis Mahoney at the morning news thinks it's a dumb ad, but he's a dude.