2003_7_winonaryder.jpgIt's good to know that Winona Ryder is basically like the Welcome Wagon for any semi-cute up-and-coming would-be rocker - at least someone is looking out for the lads. That's why she was the focus of a VH1 All Access:Winona Rules! Truly, it makes sense for Winona to be featured, because as Courtney Love says, as quoted on the show's site, "You’re no one in music until you have feuded with me or until you sleep with Winona!”

The A List describes Winona as such: "Hopping from musician to actor to musician with all the agility and speed of a starved hyena targeting a limping Thompson's gazelle" and proposes a partial list of her exploits - Ryan Adams, Dodi al Fayeed, Beck, Bono, Ed Burns, George Clooney, Matt Damon, Evan Dando, Daniel Day-Lewis, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., David Duchovny, Adam Duritz, Jakob Dylan, Everlast, Jimmy Fallon, Dave Grohl, Corey Haim, Chris Isaak, Courtney Love, Brittany Murphy, Chris Noth, Dave Pirner, Charlie Sheen, Christian Slater, Mark Wahlberg, Paul Westerberg, Bruce Willis, and Pete Yorn. Maybe in the next A List update, they will include her latest, Conner Oberst.

All Access: Winona Rules! airs again today at 5:30PM, VH1.