A young woman, with famous director father, is nominated for an Oscar...no, it's not Sofia Coppola, it's Kirsten Sheridan who, along with sister Naomi and father Jim, was nominated for writing In America's screenplay. In America, one of the loveliest films from last year, was directed by Jim Sheridan, and the Independent has Kirsten's very sweet Oscar diary. At a pre-Oscar party, she sees Sofia Coppola:

I see Sofia. I have to admit that there are worse people one could lose to - a woman who did an independent movie for four million. The Sheridans vs the Coppolas, I'm hearing. Irish vs Italian, it'll be a good fight.

In America was based on the Sheridans' immigrant experiences in Hell's Kitchen during the 80s: "Jim Sheridan, then an aspiring theater director, did lug a hugely heavy air conditioner up four steep flights of tenement stairs to bring his children some relief from the relentless New York summer." You can read about the making of the film in In America: A Portrait of the Film. The DVD of In America will be released in May.

Gothamist on the Oscars 2004.