Sure, Fahrenheit 9/11 and White Chicks are the films industry types believe will light up the box office this weekend, but Gothamist recommends something that might be more satisfying: Seeing the glorious Wim Wenders film, Wings of Desire, at Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater this weekend. Part of a tribute to the German actor Bruno Ganz, Wings of Desire is a wondrous meditation of life, love, and belonging in Berlin, complete with angels, circus performers, and Peter Falk. The film is gorgeously photographed by Henri Alekan who also shot Jean Cocteau's La belle et la bete (another heady film about similar themes, but with a shot of surrealism). It was one of Roger Ebert's favorite movies in 1987, and he's written a Great Movies essay about Wings of Desire.

Wings of Desire plays tonight, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (check here for showtimes; sometimes there is just one show per day).