2006_10_arts_meatloaf.jpgMeat Loaf and Broadway sort of seem like a match made in heaven, or perhaps hell would be more appropriate, as he is taking his Bat out of Hell albums and bringing them to life on the Great White Way. The one-night-only concert, aptly called "Bat Out of Hell on Broadway", will take place November 2 at New York’s Palace Theatre.

And we have two tickets to give away! So if you want to check out this sold out show, which will be a three act performance - each act taking on songs from another album, then enter. All you need to do is email us at GothamistContest (a) gmail dot com and tell us why you want to see the show. And maybe soon you'll be hearing Meat's old and new songs in all their theatrical glory.

Full disclosure!: Meat Loaf was "our" softball coach in high school. "Our" brother also went to prom with his daughter. And sometimes he drove "us" home from practice and games.