Photo by Sam Horine/Gothamist

It's that time of year again—let's sit down with our favourite Canadian (Pat Kiernan, of course) and enjoy one of the country's finest culinary fetes: poutine. We've already hit up Pommes Frites, Mile End, and Windfall Bar—this year we're looking for some uncharted territory. So while we settle on a final spot (feel free to send along your suggestions) we want to announce some of the details. The poutine dinner and drinks will take place on July 9th, and we'll be giving out six spots (three winners, each with a +1). You can win three different ways:

  • Sign up for our newsletter, where we'll be giving away two spots on Thursday morning via a contest announced there.
  • Follow Pat on Twitter, where he'll pick a winner via a Canadian trivia contest question he'll be asking there tomorrow at 11:30 a.m.
  • And tomorrow we'll have our own Tweet-in contest, so be sure to follow us and stay alert around noon.

Kiernan tells us that "officially Canada Day was yesterday and the legal holiday was moved to today"... so, Happy (Legal) Canada Day, everyone.