Open House New York weekend may have come and gone, but that doesn't mean your only shot at seeing some of the city's secret spaces is lost and gone for another year entirely. OHNY is currently running a raffle for the chance to win a private behind-the-scenes tour of the Woolworth Building in the Financial District, one of the oldest and most gorgeously designed skyscrapers in the city.

Here's a look at OHNY's previous tours of the neo-Gothic space, which include stops at Frank Woolworth's original office the 43rd floor observation deck and the indoor swimming pool. Fun fact: the building was at one point the tallest in the world, clocking in at 792 feet and 60 stories, "depending on how you count them (Woolworth liked the round number and fudged the numbers a bit by leaving out a few floors)."

The raffle is open now through Monday, October 31, and the winner will get to tour the space with a guest. Winners will be announced on Friday, November 4, for a date TBD this winter.