Cake Shop owners Nick and Andy Bodor opened up a second venue in Williamsburg just two and a half years ago, called Bruar Falls. A small space consisting of a long bar, with a stage at the back of the room. Like their Lower East Side outpost, it was meant to be a spot for lesser known bands to perform, or well known bands in the bubble of NYC that would be playing larger venues eventually. But now, the space is closing. Last night the duo sent out this farewell message, which sort of blames the neighborhood's DIY venues for their demise:

"After two and a half quick years, Bruar Falls will cease to exist on November 1st 2011. We opened with nothing but optimism and excitement, after designing and building our ideal combination of a local jukebox bar with a stage to showcase all the great bands coming out of Brooklyn. It was soon apparent to us, however, that people in Williamsburg have lots of other options to see bands. We love and are inspired by these places, but really, between loft/warehouse parties and D.I.Y spots, where you can bring in your own cheap beer, smoke inside and hit on the same people… we totally understand why it’s hard to spend money at your local legit small club. It is difficult not to be a bit jealous of their freedom, but we have always worked hard to be in for the long haul.

Our closure is not a victim of Whole Foods’ bulldozers, nor did we get our sound equipment stolen by thieving assholes. Actually, we wish it was something that dramatic and awful. No, its due to the classic creative differences issue, plus the fact that we had to maintain a hard-to-honor midnight curfew; and the simple facts that if you can’t bring in enough money to pay your bills (no matter how low your rent is), you can not stay in business. At this point, it is actually way easier to shut down, save the name for another location, and start anew.

We created Bruar Falls to assist in nurturing the Brooklyn independent music scene, and help the bands that continually inspire us. We hoped to serve as a Williamsburg outpost for the bands that enjoyed the NYC Cake Shop experience in the borough where many of them live. We wanted a place where fledgling bands played for free to get started and be seen by their peers before maybe going on to bigger rooms and more pay. Many larger-stature bands played here to intimate crowds to help keep everything in perspective. We hold most every band that played here close to our hearts."

Cake Shop will remain opened, and they even mentioned that they will be announcing expansion into another city in 2012. Bruar Falls will remain open through October, with plenty of CMJ shows, and a Halloween party before they drive the final nail into the coffin.