0809calvertmisha.jpgRemember the Mr. & Miss Williamsburg Pageant? Well, it happened, and one contestant reports back that the winner was victorious by drinking a PBR and simultaneously taking her panties off from under an American Apparel romper. Also...this crowned hipster jewel was from New Jersey. But wait, the scandal goes even deeper! She notes that Misha Calvert, head of the pageant (pictured), "instructed us not to tell anyone from the press that the whole applicant process was rigged" and that the Colt 45 story was a fabricated publicity stunt (shocking!). While this particular contestant and Calvert are no longer friends on Facebook (harsh!), the former did learn something: intellect cannot beat taking off one's underwear whilst donning an American Apparel romper, and "a large part of being a hipster in Williamsburg is flashing your vagina to the entirety of New York media."