The one thing that's always stopped Williamsburg from being a world class shopping destination on par with Boston's Newbury Street has been the glaring absence of a quality Ralph Lauren location. Now, at last, the neighborhood is complete: A Ralph Lauren is poised to open on North 3rd Street near Wythe, just a block from the J. Crew, steps from the Starbucks and around the corner from the Whole Foods and the Apple Store and the Urban Outfitters. Let's grab a bubble tea and do some DAMAGE you guys!

It's true that Williamsburg is still missing a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., but one of those will probably open up nearby soon, like in the old Trash bar space. And once they tear down Diner and replace it with a mixed-use condo/Cheescake Factory, there'll be no reason for residents of The Edge to feel ashamed when their young influencer siblings come to visit Williamsburg. Yes, it will still be a bit of a hike to the Hollister that will inevitably open in the former Roebling Tea Room space, but you can always catch your breath and try on makeup in the Sephora where Clem's used to be.

Shopping in Williamsburg has basically never been better. What a glorious time to consume the Brooklyn Brand.