These days, Williamsburg is a lot of brand new condos filled with people who never passed out in the bathroom of Kokie's. It's so post-post-post hipster we kind of miss the hipsters. It's officially been transformed into a pristine, commercial hellscape. The souls of past creatives who once settled there have been co-opted for the Williamsburg brand. It's a mall. Or is it?

This relic of the way things were circa The Not So Long Ago Days appeared like a unicorn this afternoon, pushing a vintage baby carriage, bearded and bespectacled and possibly even wearing skinny jeans. For an extra head-turn, he placed the Internet's favorite dog, a corgi, in the carriage. Oh you are so so quirky, sir.

So for those white-knuckling to a Williamsburg era that was only slightly less terrible than now, let this give you hope. Wait... is that shirt from J. Crew?


Spotted in Williamsburg: man with corgi in a carriage #brooklyn

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[h/t Michelle Dozois]