0808babybutler.jpgThe NY Post discovered Williamsburg today, twice! The articles contradict one another, however, and read as though they're describing two different neighborhoods instead of one in flux. One states that today's "Williamsburgers are families, established professionals" while the other says "young hipsters still rule." Well, which is it? The former declares that "as new luxury condos roll out along the waterfront and flank McCarren Park, upscale businesses are opening to attract an ever more well-heeled clientele (and their families)"; the latter asserts that "the new developments are geared to well-off singles and couples who want to be associated with the area's recent hipness. Catering to the development of a family neighborhood doesn't seem to be the objective." Ergo, Williamsburg is neither ideal for the ironic fanny pack set, nor for the sincere fanny pack set...or is it both? Discuss.