Back in May, we met the Hipster Church of Flushing, whose Korean pastor proudly proclaimed himself a hipster and bragged about listening to MGMT. Now, the Times has introduced us to a competing hipster church in Williamsburg, and this one totally has the hallmarks of real hipster down pat.

For starters, the Williamsburg hipster church doesn't call itself a Hipster Church, because that would be totally passe. It's called the Resurrection Presbyterian Church, and, kind of like those underground performance spaces inside abandoned warehouses in Bushwick, it's housed inside of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. “I don’t want this church to be special,” said tattooed pastor Thomas Vito Aiuto, which is such a hipster thing to say. Aiuto came to religion after suffering an anxiety attack in college after taking too many caffeine pills and beer, which is totally something every New School freshman experiences at least once. Aituo and his wife even recorded an album on Asthmatic Kitty, Sufjan Stevens's label, who has way more indie cred than MGMT.

Anyhow, we're still waiting for that elusive third hipster church to rear its head in deep Bushwick or Crown Heights or wherever godless hipsters run amok freely, but until then, just remember: Jesus was the original hipster.