Much to the chagrin of the luxury condo community, Alex Dimitrov, the owner of the "immigrant embassy Balkan disco dive bar extravaganza" Mehanata on the Lower East Side, has plans to open another venue in Williamsburg. Residents familiar with his other joint downtown are dreading the noise and late-night traffic likely to result from the big Northside club, creating an environment "not appropriate in a neighborhood full of children." Dimitrov's Manhattan establishment famously challenges patrons to rip as many shots as they can in two minutes in its sub-zero, vodka-filled

vomit tank

ice cage. Can the Williamsburg of 2012 handle that kind of wild partying?

Dimitrov's requested liquor license for the venue has been denied by Community Board 1's liquor license committee but is waiting for the full board vote on April 17. The result of which, however, doesn't really matter as the final request approval comes from the State Liquor Authority anyway. The current warehouse space of the to-be Williamsburg Manor on 60 North 1st Street is intended to be a dreamy performance and party venue complete with a public rooftop garden (you know, for the community). And Dimitrov insists da club will cater to a more laid back Williamsburg crowd. Sorry Billyburg, no Bad Buka for you.

CB1, no stranger to the war on liquor licensing and outside bars, may actually have some sway over the ultimate decision, but Dimitrov is ardently defending his business plan, telling Brooklyn Paper that the locals worried about his club that "this is a commercial area, and when you bought your property you took chance... You should go out more often." Yeah, that ought to win them over.