Remember way back in July, when limber pranksters Seanna Sharpe and Savage Skinner scaled the Williamsburg Bridge for a death-defying acrobatic routine 300 feet in the air? Remember how they were then arrested and charged with criminal trespassing felonies for the little act? Well, aspiring acrobats, take heart, for Sharpe and Skinner are considered felons no more!

The couple's charges were officially reduced from felonies to misdemeanors today in court, and their lawyer Wylie Stecklow is negotiating with the DA to resolve the case by having the high-flying duo perform a free show for children instead of jail time. Stecklow successfully argued for the reduction by insisting that Sharpe and Skinner are "experienced performers who took steps to ensure that they were not dangling above autos or pedestrians...'Had they fallen they would have hurt themselves, not anyone else,'" he said.

Sharpe and Skinner aren't the first to scale the Williamsburg Bridge: earlier this summer, two "urban explorers" were busted for attempting to climb the bridge at 3 a.m., and in 2009, artist Judith Supine installed a giant sculpture on top of the Bridge.