Photograph of Arjen Robben, right, heading the ball for Netherlands' third goal from the AP

Movie theaters are jumping onto the World Cup bandwagon, hoping that soccer fans will drop their beer goggles for 3D glasses: Theatrical distributor Cinedigm will be screening the 2010 World Cup in "Live 3D" at 15 cinemas around the country. Two of the locations are in New York City, at the Chelsea Clearview and the Pavilion in Park Slope. Tickets are on sale for a Netherlands vs. Germany-or-Spain NOW NOW NOW!

"Whether you're a fan of Team USA, Brazil, England, Japan or any team in between, all World Cup fans will realize that theatres aren't just for movies anymore," said Cinedigm Jonathan Dern. But watching the World Cup without bar camaraderie and a beer in hand is like not watching the World Cup at all. And more importantly, will vuvuzelas be allowed?

In the past, the company has screened other live 3D sporting events including the NCAA Men's Final Four, NBA All-Star Saturday Night, and the BCS College Championship. Earlier this year, The Theater at Madison Square Garden screened a Rangers-Islanders game in 3D just downstairs from the actual game. We've also seen other instances of non-movie 3D theater events (our feelings on the 3D Phish concert remain somewhat mixed), but this one easily takes the cake. Imagine the jeering that's going to be unleashed on a 50-foot screen with soccer players kicking balls into the audience!