Along with "Peru Ana Ana Peru," one of the most omnipresent taggers in Lower Manhattan and Northern Brooklyn is easily the mysterious "Jim Joe," who seems to have put his chicken scratch on nearly every thing in town from wood sticks to trucks, plywood to fire hydrants. So of course somebody has finally made a website, Cult of Joe, devoted to monitoring his prolific pen.

According to the e-mail that went out yesterday announcing the birth of the Cult, here's the story on the new site:

The Cult Of Joe ( is a collective of art fans who appreciate the work of NYC’s mysterious “street artist” Jim Joe. Jim Joe is an artist whose simplistic style stands out quite a bit from the ocean of graffiti scribbles that plaster NYC’s East Village and surrounding areas. From his cursive “tags” to his often nonsensical Samo-esque quotes, to his drawings on stickers to his writings on trash, his distinct style makes him easy to spot. This website is merely an attempt to document his work.

Launched on January 1st 2012, The Cult of Joe website is by far the largest collection of Jim Joe photos on the web with over 500 photos shot over the last 2 years mainly by three super fans known as xxxJORDYxxx, Bomarr and Setlasmon. We’re also encouraging all New Yorkers and visitors to NYC to join The Cult Of Joe by snapping a Jim Joe photo, submitting it to the Cult of Joe website and then posting it on Facebook or Tweeting it. Submit Jim Joe photos to : with the subject line “Submission,” or via Twitter, by adding the hashtag #cultofjoe or #jimjoe

Whether you think of Jim Joe as an artist or a nuisance, it is hard to look at just how much of the city he's managed to get his ink on and not be at least a little impressed with the apparently Canadian tagger. Seriously, dude has tagged a lot.